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Mixing Arbitrage and Value Betting

If you aren’t new to this blog, by now you are probably well aware of the betting strategies called Sports Arbitrage and Value Betting. Both are potentially profitable strategies, each with its own level of potential return, volatility and risks to be aware of. At one time you have probably found yourself wondering which of … Read moreMixing Arbitrage and Value Betting

RebelBetting Value Betting – Launch Sale

Rebel Betting’s Launch Sale for their new Value Betting product is ending soon. You have until the 19.06.2019 to lock in a €49/month or €294/year (promotion price) instead of €69/month or €414/year (regular price). You can find my review of RebelBetting here and RebelBetting’s announcement below: Subscribe before the price increase on 19.6.2019. The ValueBetting … Read moreRebelBetting Value Betting – Launch Sale

WinnerOdds Review

Another week, another review, and this time it is WinnerOdds turn. Winner Odds is a Value Betting software, but it is somewhat special. It identifies Value Bets in tennis with the help of an AI algorithm and delivers the tips to the end customer on a regular basis. WinnerOdds quotes a historical ROI from all … Read moreWinnerOdds Review

The 5 Hottest Sports Betting Trends in 2019

Today I want to talk to you about the 5 sports betting trends, which in my opinion will shake the world of sports betting in 2019. These are all topics that, in my opinion, every serious and forward-thinking punter should at least be aware of in order to stay ahead of the pack. I will … Read moreThe 5 Hottest Sports Betting Trends in 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Value Betting

Value Betting – it’s all about taking calculated risks The term Value Betting seems to be gaining a lot of popularity these days. There are new services popping out as there are old ones adding Value Betting to their portfolio. Some of them offer decent quality, some of them perhaps less so. All of a … Read moreThe Ultimate Guide to Value Betting

“Thinking, Fast and Slow”: Lessons for Punters – Extreme Events (Part 2)

I hope you have enjoyed the first part of the series “Thinking, Fast and Slow: Lessons for Punters” in which I covered the issue of overconfidence and how to deal with it in a betting context. Today I will continue with the second part of my review of Daniel Kahneman’s bestseller “Thinking, Fast and Slow” … Read more“Thinking, Fast and Slow”: Lessons for Punters – Extreme Events (Part 2)

BetSuite Pro Review

My last article – Premier League Draws – got quite some hits by this blog’s standard – mostly because it got the interest of David Sumpter, the author of the book Soccermatics: Mathematical Adventures in the Beautiful Game I was commenting on in the article. Mr Sumpter’s retweet brought with it a hit count I am not … Read moreBetSuite Pro Review

Premier League Draws

Value Betting Strategies – it has been a while since I have last written about the favourite topic of so many of you. It is not because I have lost interest in it – I continue to put small stakes on some of the strategies shared by Cassini in his Green-All-Over blog and occasionally test … Read morePremier League Draws

Trademate Sports Review

I am sure some of you remember that a long time ago I promised you a review of a betting product known as Trademate Sports. The Trademate Sports’ team has given me access to the product and I have been tirelessly gathering tones of betting data ever since. Having collected a record of more than 11,500 resolved bets … Read moreTrademate Sports Review

Arbing without a Hedge: The Insanity of Betting Variance


The question whether it wouldn’t be better to skip hedging in Sports Arbitrage has been asked before. Covering your arb in a sharp book is a sort of an insurance premium. You sacrifice the money you are going to lose in the sharp books in order to have a stable and predictable profit from each … Read moreArbing without a Hedge: The Insanity of Betting Variance