The Church of Betting

Betting Automation

Sharp betting is hard work. In order to beat the bookies, one needs Value Bets, in one form or another. Even if you have found a software to supply you with value bets, you need to go through a number of steps in order to actually place the bet: Be on your computer when the … Read moreBetting Automation

The Ultimate Guide to Value Betting

Value Betting – it’s all about taking calculated risks The term Value Betting seems to be gaining a lot of popularity these days. There are new services popping out as there are old ones adding Value Betting to their portfolio. Some of them offer decent quality, some of them perhaps less so. All of a … Read moreThe Ultimate Guide to Value Betting

Evaluating Tipsters – T-test

In my last article where I’ve interviewed Erik from SoccerBetBlog on how he gets to figure out Estonian football games I promised to give you an article outlining a simple method to evaluate the performance of tipsters, based only on a few simple to obtain metrics. It is all about a statistical method called the … Read moreEvaluating Tipsters – T-test