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Bookie Clones: Why Some Bookies Share The Same Odds?

Bookie Clones: Why Some Bookies Share The Same Odds?

This article is on the topic of sports arbitrage and specifically arb alert services. You can read more on the concept of sports arbitrage and how to make bookies your ...
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Betting Brokers

Odds Shopping: Betting Brokers

Odds shopping and the need for bookmaker access In this article I will write about utilizing betting brokers to make use of the best odds available on the market. I have ...
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Device Identity; Data Protection

Device Identity And How to Protect Your Privacy From the Bookies

Today I would like to talk a bit about the topics of device identity and device fingerprinting. You have probably already read my two articles (, ) on precautions to ...
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Secret Agent

How to Stay Under the Radar And Avoid Account Restriction

You have probably already read my introductory article to the concept of Arbitrage Betting. So you already know there is a risk of an arbitrage going wrong and also that ...
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Sharp and Soft Bookies – Who is Who

Sharp or Soft In my articles sometimes I talk about sharp and soft bookmakers. This is an important concept in the world of gambling but it might be confusing for ...
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Sports Arbitrage

Introduction to Arbitrage Betting

I will now dive in into the betting strategy called Arbitrage Betting. As you have learnt from my previous article this is also the simplest and the most low-risk one ...
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