The Church of Betting

RebelBetting Review

After posting a review of BetBurger, the list wouldn’t be complete without writing one for RebelBetting as well. It only makes sense to offer a few options to the aspiring arber to compare and make an informed choice. There are a few reasons for which I believe a review of RebelBetting is due. For one, … Read moreRebelBetting Review

Sports Arbitrage Risks

Don't Panic

I hope you liked my latest article on how to get started with Sports Arbitrage. As I wrote I am currently working on a free Sports Arbitrage guide and am going through the few relevant topics I haven’t covered yet in the blog. So I found out I still haven’t got through the important Sports Arbitrage … Read moreSports Arbitrage Risks

Sports Arbitrage: Getting Started

Getting Started with Sports Arbitrage

I figured out it has been long since I have last written about Sports Arbitrage and I wanted to correct that. This week I want to give you some information on getting started with Sports Arbitrage and what are the tools you are going to need. The article will link back to some of my … Read moreSports Arbitrage: Getting Started

Bookie Clones: Why Some Bookies Share The Same Odds?

This article is on the topic of sports arbitrage and specifically arb alert services. You can read more on the concept of sports arbitrage and how to make bookies your personal cash cows here: 1, 2, 3.   Bookie Clones   Today I wanted to cover a problem for arbers that I have encountered many times during the … Read moreBookie Clones: Why Some Bookies Share The Same Odds?