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Sharp and Soft Bookies – Who is Who

Sharp or Soft In my articles sometimes I talk about sharp and soft bookmakers. This is an important concept in the world of gambling but it might be confusing for ...
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Sports Trading

Introduction to Sports Trading

Sports Trading After having written two articles about probably the most widely used strategies for making a profit in the betting markets – Sports Arbitrage and Value Betting – I ...
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Sports Arbitrage

Introduction to Arbitrage Betting

I will now dive in into the betting strategy called Arbitrage Betting. As you have learnt from my previous article this is also the simplest and the most low-risk one ...
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Odds Shopping

Value Betting: The Practice & Odds Shopping

This article is the second part of my previous article on Value Betting: The Theory. Check it up if you haven’t yet. At the end of the last article I ...
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Finding Value

Introduction to Value Betting: The Theory

In this post I will quickly introduce you to the notion of Value Betting. A short definition and explanation of the Value Betting fundamentals will help you get better understanding ...
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Betting Strategies

Profitable Sports Betting: The Ways of the Samurai

I would like to continue with introducing you to the different approaches to profitable sports betting and their basics. In these blog I will cover them all in much more ...
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Welcome to The Church

Welcome to The Church

Hello my fellow bettors & welcome to The Church of Betting! Welcome I am glad that you have stumbled upon my personal blog dedicated to profitable sports betting. I hope ...
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