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The 5 Hottest Sports Betting Trends in 2019

Today I want to talk to you about the 5 sports betting trends, which in my opinion will shake the world of sports betting in 2019. These are all topics that, in my opinion, every serious and forward-thinking punter should at least be aware of in order to stay ahead of the pack. I will … Read moreThe 5 Hottest Sports Betting Trends in 2019

“Thinking, Fast and Slow”: Lessons for Punters – Beating Overconfidence (Part 1)

Recently I have finished reading Daniel Kahneman’s bestseller “Thinking, Fast and Slow” – a book dealing with our common biases and thought flaws that we all as humans are guilty of. Overconfidence, risk-aversion, manipulative framing – you will find it all here. You have certainly come across the title already if you frequent some of … Read more“Thinking, Fast and Slow”: Lessons for Punters – Beating Overconfidence (Part 1)

Crypto Coin Betting

  In 2017 Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. During the last year the leading crypto currency has appreciated nearly tenfold as measured in most major currencies. The ones who bought some of the precious crypto coins early enough have made a killing. Stories made the rounds about unassuming crypto enthusiasts who bought/mined a … Read moreCrypto Coin Betting

Betting Exchanges Review

Betting Exchanges are a necessary tool in the arsenal of every bettor. You would need them not only for trading but also for arbitrage to expand your variability on the sharp side and for value betting to be able to get the best odds on the market. However not all exchanges are made equal and you … Read moreBetting Exchanges Review

Introduction to Sports Trading

Sports Trading

  Sports Trading After having written two articles about probably the most widely used strategies for making a profit in the betting markets – Sports Arbitrage and Value Betting – I would like to turn to a third one, namely, Sports Trading. Now, it might not be fully correct to refer to Sports Trading as a … Read moreIntroduction to Sports Trading

Profitable Sports Betting: The ways of the samurai

Betting Strategies

I would like to continue with introducing you to the different approaches to profitable sports betting and their basics. In a series of posts I will go through the three main Betting Strategies: Sports Arbitrage, Value Betting and Sports Trading, in that order. I might write an article about bonus bagging too, which, despite being … Read moreProfitable Sports Betting: The ways of the samurai