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Hello my fellow bettors!

I am glad that you have stumbled upon The Church of Betting, my personal blog dedicated to profitable sports betting. I hope with time the material posted here will attract the betting crowd and will initiate intriguing discussions on how to turn bookmakers into our personal cash cows. But first a few words about me and what you will find on my blog.

Welcome | About me

My name is Nenko and I love sports betting. Being a passionate football fan and supporter of CSKA Sofia I was visiting the football ground and placed a few bets here and there for fun since quite a young age. It was not until my years in the university that I have found out one can make a steady side income from sports betting. I started out with arbitrage and got into value betting and developing statistical models to try to forecast future results. I have also given a try to odds trading, an area in which I have to admit I am still quite inexperienced, but I would love to learn more about and intend to cover extensively in this blog too.

So be it arbitrage, value betting, tipsters or sports trading, you will find it all here. I will do my best to provide you with relevant, up to date information that will sparkle your interest and will offer to even the most experienced among you some new insights into the sports betting markets and industry.

If you want to make some suggestions on the blog or just want to chat, feel free to drop me an e-mail at

So bare with me for some fresh takes on profitable sports betting and see you in The Church!