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About me

About me

Hello and everyone and welcome to the Church of Betting, my personal blog dedicated to profitable sports betting. I hope with time the material posted here will attract the betting crowd. With your help, I hope to initiate intriguing discussions on how to turn bookmakers into our personal cash cows. But first, let me tell you a few words about me and what motivates me to write this blog.

About me: My story

I am Nenko, an IT Consultant by profession with a passion for sports betting. As a big football fan and supporter of CSKA Sofia I was visiting the football ground and placed a few bets here and there for fun since quite a young age. I didn’t bet too much in those days, since the only thing I knew about sports betting is that it loses you money.

Fast forward to my last year in university, I was struggling to find work and has taken a big loan to finance my studies. One time as I was flying back home, I got news that my plane had a technical failure and I won’t fly today. I received a room in a hotel at the airport, waiting for the next plane to Sofia. Chatting with the other passengers, I got to know a guy who introduced me to this new way of making money online – Arbitrage Betting! It sounded silly at first, but after he explained to me the logic behind it it started to make sense. Finally, as I flew back home I was excited to give it a try as soon as I have landed.

Arbitrage Betting

This is I how started out with Arbitrage (a.k.a. Sure Betting) and made my first profit as a punter. I couldn’t believe it – I was making money betting, while all my friends were losing, clueless about how the whole thing works. I already felt like a ‘sharp’, even if I knew I had a long way to go before earning that badge of honour.

As time went by I discovered Arbitrage also has its risks and pitfalls. I lost some of my winnings during the process but learned valuable lessons. I started thinking about the possibilities of scaling my arbing action, as well as maximizing my returns above what I currently earn.

Value Betting

As every arber, I have considered the possibility of not hedging my value bet with an offshore book or an exchange, but I was always put off by the huge volatility. I knew I sacrifice a part of my profits arbing, but I liked the steady and predictable growth of my capital.

However, as my bank grew, I finally decided I can take the occasional drawdown and stopped hedging my bets altogether. This is how I got introduced to the twin brother of Arbitrage Betting – Value Betting. I managed to up my ROI a few points and saw my bank grow much more quickly. I also got hit by my first big drawdowns and saw how does one feel in practice. Trust me, you can’t learn that from theory. However, my skin also grew ticker in the process. I learned to live with the risk, my reward for which were a bit higher profits. What was the next step?

Tipsters & Betting Models

I started to realize that the “big guys” were playing on another field. Trying to play cat and mouse with the European bookies was at best going to provide me a nice income on the side, but would never really make me a ‘sharp’. Securing (or better yet, producing) picks with an edge in the offshore books and the exchanges was where it’s at. So I started reading about tipsters and betting models.

To develop a model turned out to be the hardest betting task I have ever attempted. And the tipster area was apparently full with losing services and outright scams. However, there were the few decent tipsters out there. Furthermore, my models started showing a progress. So here I am now, trying to bring all my projects forward and inform you about the process.

Starting new projects, I will make sure to maintain the old ones – or at least the profitable ones. In this way I intend to build a portfolio of betting strategies. Each with a positive ROI but independent from each other. In this way I will both be able to employ more capital as I grow, as well as diversify the risks of the single strategies.

About me: This blog

How about this blog? Well, I decided to write down all my discoveries for my future reference. So I figured out I could as well lay them down for everyone else to see. If things went well I could probably supplement my income with some advertising fees. Furthermore, I have never written a blog before. So it promised to be an interesting experience.

And it certainly was! Blogging helped me get to know a lot of fascinating people. It turned out the sports betting online community is a relatively small world. The famous bloggers I was reading daily turned out to be regular nice guys. You could just reach out to them and chat with them. Many of those “bigger” guys in the blogging space actually helped me get my first readers.

Cassini from green-all-over has put me on his blog feed when my blog was little more than the page you are reading now. Steve from Daily25 doubled my Tweet followers’ count just to help me get going. I got a mention in Matthew Trenhaile’s podcast Inside Betting. Finally, I got countless mentions, retweets, nice comments and e-mails from many of the guys reading my material. Without the help of all of you this blog wouldn’t be where it is today, so thank you all.

But what about the extra income?

Oh, that didn’t really work out. At least for now. You will notice I have affiliate partnerships with few companies I have used and like. You will see links to Arbitrage finders RebelBetting and BetBurger, to Value Bet services Trademate Sports and WinnerOdds, to the broker AsianConnect88 and maybe a few more.

But none of those made me some serious money till now – most of them none at all. If you are starting a sports betting blog to make money I would advise you against it. It’s a business with no barriers to entry, where you are competing with a lot of people for a very small market. It’s really really hard to ‘make it’. I would speculate it’s even harder than making money sports betting.

However, that does not stop me from developing this blog. I found many friends with the help of it and learned a lot in the process of writing the articles. Monetarily it might have been a net loss..But I have gained from it a lot more than I have put in it.

Hopefully this will continue to be the case and we can learn from each other here, so that few years from now we can all be sharper than today.

Welcome to the Church of Betting.

The Church of Betting