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RebelBetting Value Betting – Launch Sale

RebelBetting Value Betting – Launch Sale

Rebel Betting’s Launch Sale for their new Value Betting product is ending soon. You have until the 19.06.2019 to lock in a €49/month or €294/year (promotion price) instead of €69/month or €414/year (regular price). You can find my review of RebelBetting here and RebelBetting’s announcement below:

Subscribe before the price increase on 19.6.2019.

The ValueBetting web launch sale is about to end, but you still have a few days left to subscribe for lower prices. Don’t miss this opportunity to sign up for a discounted price before the regular pricing kicks in.

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Please read more about this upcoming change at our website, as well as how you can lock-in a subscription for the lower prices and save money!

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