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RebelBetting Arbitrage Review

RebelBetting Arbitrage Review

After posting a review of BetBurger, the list wouldn’t be complete without writing one for the RebelBetting Arbitrage product as well. It only makes sense to offer a few options to the aspiring arber to compare and make an informed choice.

There are a few reasons for which I believe a review of RebelBetting is due. For one, I have promoted RebelBetting for quite some time now, and together with BetBurger, this is the product I have used the most and can vouch for. And second, RebelBetting is one of the longest standing products in the arbing space, which itself speaks for the qualities of the software. But mostly, if you want to do Arbitrage Betting or Value Betting you will certainly need some kind of software support. Therefore I do my best to inform you about the different opportunities on the market by giving you those product reviews. Hopefully with their help you would be able to make the right choice for you and will start to turn profit from your sports betting activities.

After this short intro, I invite you to dive into my hands-on review of the RebelBetting arbing software.

RebelBetting Arbitrage

RebelBetting Arbitrage is a product for automatic detection of scalping opportunities on the betting market and for bet placement support. It is probably the oldest arbing software out there. Based in Sweden and on the market since 2008, RebelBetting has been an established name in the arbing space for many years now. The software offers some unique features, which help it differentiate itself from the others on the market, as you will find out below. But most importantly, RebelBetting remains a reliable provider of arbs, which makes it a viable solution for everyone willing to pursue a Arbitrage Betting or Technical Value Betting strategy.

To avoid any confusion, RebelBetting Arbitrage often speaks about Sure Betting and Sure Bets on their website – this are just another term for Arbitrage Betting.

Who is it for?

RebelBetting Arbitrage is perfect for anyone who is serious about doing Arbitrage Betting or Technical Value Betting. As I have written before, doing Arbitrage Betting or Technical Value Betting without the help of a tool identifying the “good” bets makes little sense. If you want to actually grow your bank with Arbitrage Betting, you need some sure bet/value bet finding software to support you and RebelBetting is an ideal tool for that.

RebelBetting is a bit pricier than other alternatives on the market, which it compensates for with additional functionalities. It is indeed a better choice for punters with some Arbing and/or Value Betting experience, who can extract the most of what the product has to offer.

How does it work?

Unlike most products on the market which are web-based, RebelBetting Arbitrage is a piece of software that you install on your computer. This might make it a bit heavier but also allows it to offer functionalities that other products on the market are lacking.

That being said, just few days ago RebelBetting have launched a web version of their Value Betting product. If Value Betting is your preferred betting strategy, I recommend you have a look at my review of the ValueBetting product by RebelBetting.

When you first pay the subscription fee you get an installation file, with which you install RebelBetting on your computer. After you have completed the installation and the setup you are good to go.

The Look and Feel of RebelBetting

The best way to get a taste of what it is like to place arbitrage bets with RebelBetting is by making use of the offered 7-day trial I have written about below. The second best way is to watch this great video of a guy called John Botting, who tested the product himself and recorded his experience:

Setting it up

The setup itself is rather standard for an arbing software. There are a number of filters you need to adjust in order to reflect your preferred bookmakers, type of arbs and so on. Fortunately, RebelBetting is very flexible in that regard and offers more setup options than any product on the market, as you will see later.

But until then, let us have a look at the more basic configurable settings.

Supported bookmakers and exchanges

You have a list of supported bookmakers to choose from. The list is quite extensive. Even though it lacks some names covered by other services, it also offers some bookmakers you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

For this reason, it might be a good idea to switch between different arbing/value betting services every now and then. Eventually you will have exhausted all offered bookmakers by your arbing software of choice. However, another arbing software will often offer screening of a number of bookmakers your current software does not cover. By switching to the other arbing software for a month or two you can get the most from the opportunities you have at your disposal. Furthermore, you will get the chance to gather first-hand experience with a different piece of software, which might prove more suiting to your needs.

Configuring your bookmakers and exchanges

The configuration window looks like this:

RebelBetting Supported Bookmakers

As you can see you can mark bookmakers/exchanges that might appear as a leg in the arb and the ones that are required (marked red in the list), meaning at least one of them must be part of an arb in order for it to appear in your stream. The required bookmaker configuration is useful for Technical Value Betting if you want to see which soft offers value as compared to the sharps, for Sharbing if you want to filter out arbs with the local shop near you or other applications.

It is important to double-check if the supported bookmakers are the ones you would be interested in and have access to. You could also use the list as a source for ideas about new bookmakers to try. Of course, the usual caution concerning the bookmaker’s reliability is advised. RebelBetting shows you the supported bookmakers’ SBR Ratings in their list as well as their own assessment. I am not sure what the second is based on. Good alternative sources on the reliability of bookmakers are the top100bookmakers list and the Arbusers forum. In general, if you are unsure about a bookmaker, a Google search would hurt and you could always drop me an e-mail at If I have any experience with it I will help.

RebelBetting Arbitrage Filters & Options

Here comes one of the big advantages of RebelBetting. The huge variety of filters allows for very personalized setup. I strongly advise you to make full use of those. I will shortly go through the opportunities you have below.

Filter 1: Arbitrages

You have a lot of options as it comes to what kind of arbs you want to see in your stream. The configuration window looks like this:

RebelBetting Arbitrage Filter

You can exclude arbs below and above certain threshold, which is useful for improving your ROI on the one hand and avoiding palpable errors on the other. It is also a standard setting for most arbing services.

However, a specialty of RebelBetting and in my mind a very useful setting is the scanning of middles. The middle is a bet on an interval of outcomes in a certain game, whereby you have a chance to win both legs of your bet. You could set your software to deliver middles with negative sure profit but some chance for both legs hitting. Such middles are often value bets that escape most other scalping software tools. I think this is a great option and I often make use of it.

Finally, you can restrict arbs starting too late on the future, having an exchange lay bet as a leg, having more than two legs and so on. Some of the restricting options are standard and some are specific to RebelBetting. Depending on what capital you have at your disposal it might make sense to stick to games that start soon, so that you can collect your winnings faster and roll them over again sooner. Two-legged arbs tend to be easier and faster to place then three legged ones. On the other hand, if you have enough resources available and more complex arbs don’t scare you, restricting certain pairs might mean you leave money on the table. In any case, those filters might be useful in specific situations so it makes sense to get to know them.

Filter 2: Markets

RebelBetting Markets Filter

The Markets filter allows you to stick to only a certain types of sports and markets. Useful if you want to keep low profile and focus on the bigger markets so that you don’t attract too much attention. Or alternatively, profiling yourself as a punter in one particular sport, in case you notice this sport produces an abnormal number of arbs in a bookmaker as compared to all the others.

Option 1: Alerts

This one is my personal favorite. By setting up your alerts you might adjust the way you are informed for an arb at the time it appears.

RebelBetting Alerts

This is an option many other services don’t have and it can directly affect the turnover you can generate in an arbing session. Considering you don’t sit the whole day and stare at the screen, especially at times where there is no action, getting a signal in the form of a sound, pop-up or any other alternative when an arb appears is surely a huge advantage.

Option 2: Applications

Through the Applications setting you can customize your arbing stream the way sou see fit:


Again, a special feature of RebelBetting that gives you the opportunity to personalise your application. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible in a web application, so RebelBetting being an installation software clearly gives you an advantage here. Depending on your needs, all of these options might help you configure the type of stream that works best for your style of arbing / value betting.

Option 3: Bookmaker Setup

RebelBetitng really does go the extra mile when it comes to bet placement support. That you know for sure after looking at the Bookmaker Setup option:

Bookmaker Setup

Other software solutions also employ external service providers to facilitate bet placement, but I haven’t so far seen such sophisticated bet placement support as the one RebelBetting offers. As you can see you can enter your credentials for all bookmakers you are using and place bets directly from the platform. This option has the potential to speed up your bet placement significantly, and with it improve your arbing / value betting turnover and ROI.

Option 4: User

Finally, with the User option you can configure your desired unit stake, odds format and log in and out of your RebelBetting account.

User Settings

RebelBetting Arbitrage Stream

The arbs stream looks like this:

RebelBetting Arb Steram

Once you click on an arb you get an expanded list of the odds at all the other bookmakers, should you decide to pursue the arb somewhere else instead.

Arb Example

Placing an arb

As noted in the Options section above, RebelBetting offers you the option to place the arb directly from the tool. For this you need to enter your credentials for your bookmakers of interest in the tool. Then, you are offered to enter the websites of the involved bookmakers in the tool and get directly to the bet slip. Does not always work as smooth as one would hope, but when it does, it is certainly a great benefit. It is mostly bookmaker-dependent, so I would advise you to try the option out for your bookmakers and if it works to use it. Alternatively, you could always go the usual way and find your selection manually.

Finally, once you are done with your arb, you can hide the arb, the event, or the selection at one of the bookmakers.

Technical Value Betting

Similarly to BetBurger, you can use RebelBetting arbing software for Value Betting or a mixture between Value Betting and Arbing as well. Furthermore, RebelBetting has a dedicated Value Betting product, which I have reviewed as well. It sells at a significant discount to the arbing one, so it might be something to try for the more cost-sensitive punter who is starting with a bit smaller bank. As always, should you decide to switch to a Value Betting instead of a Arbitrage Betting strategy, remember that it will increase the volatility of your returns by an order of magnitude. If the extra return is worth the risk is for you to decide.

I have already written a lot about Value Betting so I don’t want to repeat myself here. If you are not familiar with the concept, check out my Introduction to Value Betting and my Ultimate Guide to Value Betting, and you should get a good idea about this betting strategy.

Matched Betting

Honestly, only a few weeks ago I learned RebelBetting offer a Matched Betting product as well. It is not being promoted that much, but at just €9 / month you can make use of bookmakers’ bonuses and promotions by searching odds that can help you do your turnover and clear your bonus at the lowest cost possible. If you combine that with some of the other bonus hunting services on the web (hope to find some time to review those on another day), this is a great way to start building your betting bank.

RebelBetting Arbitrage Prices & Plans

RebelBetting accepts a variety of credit cards and e-wallets as a payment method. The service is a bit pricier than most competitors, but does offer more functionality. If you can make the most of the offered functions, the price is in my opinion absolutely worth it.

One thing to keep in mind is that the subscription is a rolling one, so if you decide you don’t want to use the software anymore after the subscription period ends, you should make sure to cancel your subscription before that. This is quite straightforward and can be done directly from the tool. There is no cancellation period, you can cancel your subscription effective immediately.

A great thing about RebelBetting is that they provide a 7-day trial of their product for anyone interested to try it out for free. It is a great option if you are considering buying the service but are not quite sure yet. With that you have the possibility to test the service risk-free and at no cost.

Below the subscription plans you can use with RebelBetting:

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription comes at a price of €129 / month and is probably the most popular option for RebelBetting’s users.

Annual Subscription

The annual price offers the usual discount for long-term subscription. At €768, you get 50% off of the normal monthly price! This is your go-to subscription plan if you are in it for the long term. If you manage to combine it with one of the promotions RebelBetting is launching every now and then for which I’d try to keep you informed, you might catch a real bargin.


RebelBetting is a great, premium-quality product that reliably delivers arbs and value bets to your door. It is everything you might need from a software to help you turn a consistent profit from arbing or value betting. The tool is incredibly flexible and can be customized to suit everyone’s needs. It is certainly a good choice for the experienced punter, and although the monthly subscription could be consider pricey by some, the annual plan offers a huge discount which makes RebelBetting affordable even for people playing on a smaller scale. Finally, if you purchase the product through my affiliate link, you can come back to me should you need any help with the setup, contacting the RebelBetting team or any general advise.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found the review informative and useful. The summer break is almost here, so with less betting to do in the next months I hope to finish a few article drafts sitting in the pipeline. Next in line I have a detailed article on rating models for betting, which should be a great kick-off for the 2019/20 betting season preparation. To keep you posted, follow me on Twitter or subscribe my newsletter in the upper right corner of this page. Cheers and till the next time!

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