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BetBurger Review

BetBurger Review

If you are a seasoned follower of this blog, you would know I have been partnering with the Arbitrage Betting software RebelBetting for some time now. Today I want to present you another player from the Arbitrage and Value Betting space and certainly one of the main RebelBetting’s competitors: BetBurger. With this I hope to give you a good feeling of the unique features of BetBurger and help you make the right decision when choosing your arbitrage provider.

BetBurger logo

BetBurger is a company producing software for semi-automation and support of Arbitrage Betting and Technical Value Betting. In this review I will look at BetBurger’s product offering and the general ability of the software to identify profitable Arbitrage and Value Betting opportunities. I will mostly focus on the Arbitrage product, but will compare the Technical Value Betting option with it, since the two are quite similar.

What is BetBurger good for?

The main function of BetBurger’s arbitrage product is to automatically detect arbitrage pairs and deliver them to their customers. The Value Betting software does the same, however it delivers only the soft leg of the arb to value bet on.

The bet placement itself happens manually, therefore here I’d rather used the term semi-automation (not to be confused with end-to-end automation as in the case of

Having a software such as BetBurger is absolutely necessary for anyone wanting to benefit from arbitrage betting. Searching for arbs manually is a task so tedious, that it kills the purpose of arbitrage betting (or Technical Value Betting, for that matter). I would not recommend doing it without software support, unless you just want to try it out.

Some history

Betburger is on the market since 2013. BetBurger’s Arbitrage Betting software is the company’s oldest and most well-known product. The main team of developers sits in Ukraine I believe, from where they provide ongoing support and develop the tool further.

I have used the product many times before and have been so far very satisfied from its quality and functionality. In general, I consider it to be a great investment for anyone interested in Arbitrage Betting or Technical Value Betting.

Below I will dive into more detail into how the software operates, it’s functions and further details. My goal is to offer to those of you who haven’t tried the software yet an inside look. I will guiding you through the single steps in the day-to-day usage with the help of screenshots. Hopefully this will help you get a better feeling of the product and the opportunities it offers.

Whom is BetBurger for?

BetBurger is useful for anyone wanting to turn a profit through Arbitrage Betting or Technical Value Betting. In order to be able to benefit from the service, the user must have accounts in at least some of the supported bookmakers and be able to verify those accounts (for which you will need a valid copy of your ID, utility bills to prove your address and eventually some additional documents). It is advised to confirm the availability of your bookmakers of interest in the country you are living in, as gambling regulations between countries can be very different.

Having fulfilled those conditions, the you are ready to make money with BetBurger.

How does BetBurger work?

BetBurger, just like other Arbitrage and Value Betting services, has subscription-based model. Once you pay the fee you receive uninterrupted service until the period is over. The software is web-based, meaning there is nothing to install on your computer. You receive access to a page on BetBurger’s website, where your arbs are running.

The Look and Feel of BetBurger

You probably want to get a taste of what it is like to navigate around BetBurger if you are interested in the product. The good news is that the BetBurger team has prepared a short introductory video to help you with that. Check it out below:

Setting It Up

As a first step you must create an account, which is a fairly simple process. Before you get started you need to setup your account so that it reflects your personal bookmaker selection and preferences. There are a few things you need to consider here.

Allowed bookmakers and exchanges

First you must select all soft bookmakers you have an account with, as well as the sharps and exchanges you will cover your bets on. This you can do in section ‘My Account’, subsections ‘Bookmakers’ & ‘Exchanges’. It looks like this:


Betburger bookmakers


BetBurger Exchanges

As you see on this stage you can personalise certain settings like what commission you pay on a certain exchange. Once you start betting, the dutching stakes will be calculated based on your entered commission. It is worth noting here, that if you lack access to any of the sharps or exchanges you can open an account in a broker instead – Sportmarket and AsianConnect88 are two of the options here.

You can also determine the minimum amount available in an exchange in order for the position to appear as an arb leg in your feed. This is a very useful option – after all, if you have a good coefficient for something in Betfair, but you can bet less than a pound on it, it is not of much use to you – so you better ignore such selections. I tend to put a minimum of 100 EUR/GBP here.

It is important to adjust your list of bookmakers as you go. If you get severely limited at one bookmaker or open an account at another, you need to reflect this in your list of bookmakers. In that way you will always use the complete scope of your available bookmakers and not receive arbs from bookmakers you have no access to.


BetBurger gives you the opportunity to customise the tool even further using filters. The filters allow you to set certain conditions your arbs / value bets need to fulfill before being sent to you.

Expected profit filter

You have a number of options here. First, you can filter only arb pairs / value bets above certain expected profit. This would be the case if you think doing an arb is only worth the effort above certain threshold or a value bet would be too risky for you below certain edge. Furthermore, you can restrict arbs above certain expected profit if you want to avoid palpable errors.

Required bookmakers filter

In addition, you can define certain bookmakers as required bookmakers – meaning, in order for an arb to appear, it must include at least one of those bookmakers. Here for example you can exclude arbs with legs in soft books only – useful if you pursue a mixed strategy between Arbing and Value Betting.

Number of legs filter

Furthermore, in the filters you have the option to remove 3-way arbs from the filter alltogether. This is for the user who prefers to stick to the more simple two-way arbs, which need less time to place. Considering that the prices of arbs tend to be very dinamic, this might be a very useful feature for the novice arber. On the other hand, of course, that way you will have less things to bet on, which could be unpleasant on a dry day.

A word of caution on the filters: It has happened to me a few times that I have added a new bookmaker in the list of bookmakers, but forgot to mark it in my filter. Therefore, all arbs from that book was filtered out there even though it was in my list. It would have been nice if Betburger could automatically mark all bookmakers from the bookmaker list in the filter, but that is currently not the case – perhaps a suggestion for the BetBurger team to implement in the future. In any case, make sure to always check if your filter is up to date before arbing or value betting. Especially if for a prolonged period of time you are not seeing any arbs from a given bookmaker you have selected.

Paying the fee

In order to start the service you must pay the service fee. BetBurger has an annual, monthly, and, what to me is a clear advantage to other arbing services, a daily subscription.

Daily Subscription

I am not aware of any other arbing service offering a 24h subscribtion and honestly I don’t know why. It is not only an option to test the service for a low price, but also perfect for people, who prefer to sit down on a Saturday, do one long session and be over for the week instead of coming back daily, a few times a day, to check for new arbs.

After all, Saturday is the busiest day for arbing and the one when you would make the most profit on. I am therefore pretty sure, that there is a number of people who would prefer a daily subscription as compared to a monthly / annual model. Since BetBurger are the only ones allowing such model, there have been a number of occasions when I have chosen their service for that reason alone! The daily subscription is currently priced at EUR 6.49 for pre-match and EUR 10.99 for live arbs.

Weekly Subscription

The weekly subscription is another alternative for those looking for a shorter subscription period than what is usual on the market. Currently it sells for EUR 34.99 for pre-match and EUR 55.99 for live arbs.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription is pretty much the standard when it comes to arbing services. If you plan to arb / value bet every day, you will get a decent discount by taking the monthly instead of the daily subscription. The current price is EUR 99.99 for pre-match and EUR 189.99 for live arbs.

Biannual Subscription

BetBurger also offers biannual subscription at a bit higher price per month than the annual one. with it you’d pay EUR 479.99 (translating to around EUR 80 per month) for the pre-match and EUR 914.99 for the live package. In fact, turning on a biannual subscription at the beginning of the season might give you the highest value for the money if you decide to play for the whole season.

Annual Subscription

The annual subscription is the final option, and the cheapest one on a day-to-day basis. A few things to consider here: in the summer months it is a bit more quiet on the arbing field since most football tournaments are in a summer break. Not meaning there is no action in those months, only it tends to be a little less.

Secondly, you must consider if you will really need an annual subscription. In my experience, if you use the service intensively, you will be restricted in all available bookmakers in less than a year already. If you have a solution to that problem, it might be the case that the annual subscription is the right option for you. The current price of the annual subscription for pre-match arbs is EUR 839.99 which equates around EUR 70 per month. The live arb package for a whole year sells for EUR 1599.99.

Freezing your account

Regardless of your subscription period, BetBurger offers you the option to freeze your account, which looks like this:

BetBurger account freeze

I think this is a fantastic option for when you go on a holiday for a few weeks or are unable to arb for a certain period of time for any other reason, but have your subscription up and running.

Payment Options

You can pay your subscription fee via a number of methods. Currently Skrill/Neteller/Visa/MasterCard are available. Once you pay the subscription fee the service starts immediately, so be prepared. So far I have payed my fees both with a credit card and with an e-wallet and never experienced any delay in service.

Arb/Value Bet Stream

You are now ready to receive and place bets. Before we dive into the process, let us see how the screen looks like:

Bet Burger Arb Stream

Reporting a bad arb

On top of every single arb you have three options. You have the exclaimation mark in case you want to report the arb as expired or faulty in any way. This way you can inform the team or other players that something is wrong here. Since the amount of arbs is large and they disappear quickly, I am not so sure anyone from the development team has a look at these, and helping the community is sadly not a popular activity in the arbing world – but it’s up to you.

Removing an arb

Then you have the garbage bin, which allows you to remove the arb from the feed, ones you have used it / discovered it was expired. You can remove only the given arb, remove the arb in certain bookmakers, or remove the entire event in certain bookmakers. After placing my bet in the soft book, I normally remove the entire event from the soft book. You don’t want to bet twice on the same event in the same soft book, much less on the same outcome. So I would remove the event at that soft bookmaker altogether to be able to have a better look at the rest of the available pairs. I would not remove an arb or an event at a sharp bookmaker or an exchange and don’t see a reason why anyone would.

Pinning an arb

After you decide on playing an arb it is worth clicking on it, so that you pin it to the upper right corner. Since the feed refreshes almost in real time, arbs are moving up and down, so pinning your arb is necessary in order to take the time to execute it. When you pin an arb, in addition to the usual information, you see all other arbs on this event in the list below. In case you see the one you have pinned has expired, you can directly go to the next bookmaker in the list and try your luck there.

BetBurger Products

BetBurger offers two arbitrage products – pre-game and live arbs. Pre-game arbs are basically the standard arbing product, that is offered by every arbing software. It is basically what people understand when they hear the term ‘arb’. In addition to that, BetBurger offers Live Arbs. Live Arbs are more expensive than the regular ones, but also normally offer higher expected return than pre-game ones and are harder to detect for the bookmaker. Next to the higher cost, you also have the logical disadvantage, that they tend to last shorter, since in-play lines are much more dynamic.

In any case, live arbs are a nice addition to the options at your disposal. If you have collected enough experience pre-game, I would recommend taking the daily subscription for live arbs to try if it might be something for you. Furthermore, by combining the pre-game with the live product, you get a special discount from BetBurger of 50% of the purchasing price of the pre-game package.

Placing an arb / value bet

When you wish to place an arb, the obvious option (and the one that will always work) will be to navigate to your selection in the soft bookmaker and place the bet. For bookmakers that don’t have a search option or are generally not too cleverly designed that might take some time.

Fortunately, BetBurger integrates a partner software that directly opens the bet slip just by clicking on the option in BetBurger. The bad news is that it does not always work – I assume with bookmakers changing interface and the coding of their page in general, certain shortcuts break. The good news is, that when it does work, it saves you quite some time, and in arbing time is crucial. It is worth it to try in which bookmakers you can use the option and do so if you can.

Covering your arb

After you place your bet at the soft book, you can cover your bet in the respective sharp book / exchange completely. Alternatively you can cover only partially, if you want to arb with a bit of a Value Betting angle. BetBurger helps you with the calculation – you just need to input the amount you have bet in the soft and you get the respective amount to bet in the sharp/exchange to eliminate the risk completely. You can normally reach the bet slip in the sharp book with a single click and cover your bet for a sure profit. A broker is also a feasible option if you don’t have access to some of the sharp books / exchanges and can offer you a few cents cashback on top.

Value Betting with BetBurger

Of course, you don’t need to cover your bet at the soft book. Since the soft book is where you expect to find the value, you can leave your arb uncovered. This way, after a big enough number of bets your profit will surely beat the one you would have had if you arbed. This strategy is easily supported by the Arbitrage product of BetBurger – the only thing you need to do is setting the sharps and exchanges as required bookmakers in your filter and when you get an arb, only bet in the soft book.

Combining Arbing with Value Betting

Actually BetBurger has a dedicated Value Betting product that works approximately in this way. It is cheaper than the arbing product, so if you want to stick to Value Betting it is perhaps the better option. However, with the arbing product you can pursue a strategy “in between” – covering a part of your arb and letting another part run as a value bet. This allows you to fine tune your expected risk and return to a level that suits you.

Why is that an advantage? Always remember that Value Betting is a high-volatility strategy, more suitable for advance punters than for newbies. I have laid out the details in my article “The Ultimate Guide to Value Betting”. Even with the edge you will get with the typical Technical Value Betting strategy (such as the one BetBurger offers), if you don’t hedge at sharps and exchanges at all, drawdowns of >25% your starting bank are a common occurrence . It is possible to have such a drawdown at the very beginning of your run, which can hit you pretty hard if you can’t afford it.

Calculating your edge

Another advantage of the Arbing product if you decide to value bet, is that here you can see on what basis your value bet is being identified. This can help you calculate more precisely what edge does your value bet carry. First, your edge depends on the overround in the sharp book/exchange for this outcome. Generally you have a favourite-longshot bias with the sharp bookmakers too and with the exchanges you don’t. Furthermore, a low limit might be an indication that the sharp book is less sure about the odds they offer, so this might also mean your edge here is lower. These are fine details which BetBurger (or for that matter, by any Value Betting service on the market) does not take into account when calculating the edge. Using the arbing product you will have extra information on your value bet, which I consider beneficial.

Given those advantages, why should you pick the value betting over the arbitrage product? Well, obviously, it’s cheaper. And if you don’t want to reduce part of your value betting risk by arbing, or you don’t care about calculating your edge super precisely, you can still make a good profit with the Value Betting tool for a lower subscription fee. So the choice between the two products really depends on your needs as an arber / value bettor / anything in between.

Record keeping

Finally, you should record your bets on an Excel sheet or elsewhere, where you can check on them later. It is important to keep good record of your bets, as you will sooner or later find out. BetBurger does offer you a tool for bookkeeping with the following options:

To be honest, so far I have not made use of this functionality and have recorded my odds locally, since I need a matching format to my records from other betting systems. But it is nice that BetBurger offers a tool for record keeping as well.


I hope this review cleared any questions you might have had about the BetBurger service. If that is not the case, write me an e-mail at or drop a comment under the article and I will try to help. Every now and then BetBurger launches a promotional campaign, where you can get certain service at a discount. If you want to be regularly informed about those, just subscribe for my e-mail list on the top right corner of this page and I will keep you posted. Should you decide to register, you would do me a great favour if you do so through my referral link. The price will be the same, but through me you will have a second line of support – though I doubt you will need it with BetBurger.

Regardless of whether you pick the arbitrage or the value betting service, BetBurger is indeed a fantastic tool and with it you will have everything you need in order to start making solid profits from your bookmaker of choice. Therefore I think you couldn’t go wrong should you decide to give it a try.

Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter in the upper right corner of this page, as well as to follow my Twitter for more product reviews, betting strategies and other betting-related content. See you around!

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