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Tips and Tricks to Make Matched Betting Work For You

A long time ago I have mentioned an even more secure and easy way of building your starting bank than arbing – namely matched betting. Matched betting consists in making use of bookmaker’s free bets and other bonuses in order to build up capital. I haven’t really come to explaining the details until now. Luckily, Tom from Profit Accumulator has agreed to write a few words about the concept of converting bookmaker offers to hard cash.

Let us see what Tom had to share with us in his guest post below.

Tips and Tricks to Make Matched Betting Work For You

One of the surest, if not the surest way to make money from betting is through matched betting. This is a strategy which involves applying very specific techniques in order to generate a guaranteed profit from betting. This is usually applied to bets on sports matches or horse racing, and many people have found this to be a great way to produce steady, regular income over time.

However, how do you apply these techniques effectively to deliver guaranteed results? Here are the top tips and tricks you need to know to make regular profits from matched betting.

Understand How Matched Betting Works

Matched betting is a relatively simple process once you know how it works. The strategy basically involves using free offers from book makers and leveraging these to place a bet each way on the same result. Online book makers regularly give away free bets or “offers”, most commonly in the form of first time offers to new customers in order to encourage them to sign up, and “reload offers” to incentivise existing or lapsed customers to keep betting. By using these offers wisely, you can generate guaranteed returns.

This is how it works:

1) You receive a free bet from an online bookmaker as part of a sign up or reload offer, of say £10.

2) You use this to place a bet on a sports match. This is called the “lay bet”.

3) At the same time, you place another bet (this one you will pay for) on a separate site for the exact opposite result and, importantly, at the exact same odds. This is the “matched bet”

4) Regardless of the result, at the end you will have £10 profit overall.

By repeating this process over time with the range of free offers available through online bookmakers (and there are many), you will be able to generate up to £1000 a month depending on the number of offers available and how much time you can dedicate to it.

Know Your Rights

One of the myths around matched betting is that it is illegal. In fact, matched betting is 100% legal, it is just that the online bookmakers don’t like it as it is playing them at their own game. This is why some matched bettors find themselves blocked or banned for certain bookmakers due to their activity. But the fact is, matched betting is working within the bookmakers’ system and simply using skill and strategy to get results. And there is nothing illegal about that!

You should also know that matched betting is 100% tax free within the UK. This means that you do not have declare your winnings to the tax man and will be able to keep the entirety of your profits.

Use a Matched Betting Site

There are a few sites around which are set up specifically to provide subscription services to support punters with matched betting. It is of course possible to manage your own matched betting without the assistance of a subscription service. However, if you are planning to regularly apply this strategy it may be worth looking into a subscription service to help you increase your profits at the same time as reducing the amount of time you spend on the process.

Sites like Profit Accumulator offer instructions, guides, software and support which take out the need for a huge amount of groundwork and make matched betting extremely streamlined and easy to do. These sites will also tell you about the best and newest offers, which is vital to the matched betting process.

Beware of Dodgy Betting Sites

In general, matched betting is very low risk. Because the element of chance has been removed from the equation, there is no risk of “losing” the bet. The only real risk you should be cautious of is been ripped off by dodgy or un-reputable online book makers. As with any part of the online world, there are some betting sites which try to cheat or scam their users.

Avoid these issues by sticking to official, well-recognised online bookmakers. You can be certain you are using reputable sites by only using those recommended by your subscription service. Many of the matched betting sites also have active online communities and forums, which are also a great resource for knowing which book makers to use, as well as learning about other risks and things to avoid.

Matched betting is a great way to secure essentially guaranteed returns on your bets. By learning the overall strategy, using the resources available online, and honing your skills and techniques, you can generate steady, regular profits through matched betting.

Tom Buckland

Profit Accumulator

I want to thank Tom and Profit Accumulator for delivering this introduction into matched betting. I personally believe matched betting to be a good starting point for building up your bank, especially if you are still short of cash to begin arbing or value betting. The strategy, albeit having a limited profit potential, is very low risk and perfect for the beginners among you. Searching for all those offers and making use of them might turn out to be burdensome for the most of you, so it certainly helps to have a service hold your hand throughout the process. There are several companies on the market, with Profit Accumulator being one of them, which would deliver this service to you for a small fee. Considering the added value they provide you with, I certainly believe the service is worth its price and more.

So if you are in the position of having little to no capital, but want to make your first steps in the world of betting, or just get a small extra income, I strongly urge you to consider trying matched betting. If you have any questions please let me know in the comment section below.

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