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Get Started With Arbitrage Betting

Get Started With Arbitrage Betting

Get Started with Arbitrage Betting: First Steps

I figured out it has been long since I have last written about Arbitrage Betting and I wanted to correct that. I have already written a lengthy article introducing you to the concept of Arbitrage Betting. This week I want to give you some information on how to get started with Arbitrage Betting and what are the tools you are going to need. The article will link back to some of my earlier material and give you an overview over the necessary administrative tasks you will need to take care of. Let’s get started.

Get Started with Arbitrage Betting: Some Technical Requirements

You will need a computer with good internet connection. A mobile phone or a tablet won’t do the job. You need a desktop computer for quick navigation between your arbing software and the pages of the bookies. That being said, there are people connecting their desktop computers to their mobile phones in order to trick the bookies into thinking that they are playing from mobile, which makes them less suspicious. I personally don’t have the technical knowledge to pull that off but if you know what you are doing, go for it. In any case, your arbs are best placed on a desktop computer.

Open Accounts

If you start opening an account after you have found an arb you are already too late. Remember that speed is the key. Therefore you must consider which bookies you are going to use. First and foremost, research their reliability. The fact that a bookie is covered by your arb service is no guarantee. My Recommended section will give you a few bookie review sites, you can start from there.

Having the list ready, set up all your accounts. Make sure to input your data correctly – you will probably need to verify it with an ID later on and any mismatches will lead to additional inconvenience and will slow you down. That being said be prepared for…


When you verify your account bookies will often ask you for an ID to confirm your account data is correct. Sometimes (although less often) they might ask for a utility bill, a bank statement or even give you a call. Have all those documents prepared (utility bills and bank statements must be up-to-date, issued within the last 3 months) and be ready to answer phone calls with questions regarding your account. Record, or better yet, remember all the security questions and answers of your accounts. Usually it is possible to make the verification before you start with your betting activity. Look for this option and use it. This will not only help you save some time in the future but also, and more importantly, you will avoid unwanted attention at a later point when your account has already been active.

Expand your options

If certain sharp bookmakers (most notably Pinnacle) or exchanges are not available in your country, register with a broker. The trusted brokers that I would recommend are Sportmarket and AsianConnect88.

Have your funds ready

Verify and fund your e-wallet of choice and your broker accounts. You will use the e-wallet money to deposit to and withdrawal from your bookmaker accounts. E-wallets are the preferred payment solution for arbers as they are the fastest and the cheapest ones. Having your funds in your verified e-wallet account and your bookmaker accounts ready, you will be able to deposit in a matter of seconds. I have found out the best starting capital to be in the range of 5-10k EUR/GBP/AUD, but of course that depends on your financial situation. You can get started with less and bag some bonuses to grow your bank, however it is possible that this will reduce the life of some of your accounts.

If you just don’t have the capital to get started, don’t give up just yet. There are ways to grow your bank from zero, which might be a bit tiresome but will give you a chance to work your way into Arbitrage Betting. Just give a try to matched betting, where you make use of bookies’ promotions in order to accumulate your starting capital. Get started by reading the Punter2Pro article on matched betting, one of the most comprehensive resources on the topic.

Get the arbs delivered to your door

If you are serious about doing Arbitrage Betting you need a software that delivers arbitrage pairs to you automatically. The two highest quality products on the market and my personal choice are RebelBetting and BetBurger. Set one up with all the bookmakers you will use and get it running. Make sure this is your last step. You will want to make the most out of your subscription so you’d rather not waste time with administrative tasks while the fees are running.

Get started with Arbitrage Betting – but take it easy at first

Many people recommend to start with some paper trading or small bets. If you don’t feel confident about the whole thing that is an option but honestly not one I have gone for. Arbitrage is a fairly simple activity. There are some little traps but you will learn them best by doing. And unfortunately, losing 10 cents will never give you the same learning experience as losing a hundred bucks, so take for granted that you will make some mistakes along the road. That is normal, but if you want to get good it is better to start sooner than later. If you want to start with paper training though don’t do it for too long and always think about moving to the real thing. At least that is what I did and I don’t regret it.

Once you get started with Arbitrage Betting, make sure to stay under the radar by following some essential rules I have already laid out.


I hope the article will give you a kick start in sports arbitrage betting. Make sure to check out my Arbitrage Betting Guide where I cover everything relevant to this betting strategy. Furthermore, there are plenty of resources available on the Internet nowadays. One of the better ones is The Arb Academy, with a free video course to explain you the main concepts. If you have any questions let me know in the comments or drop me an email under And best of luck in your arbing adventure.

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