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Affiliate deals – Pinnacle & Rebel Betting

Today I would like to announce that I decided to partner with two great betting companies and to promote their products via an affiliate deal. These are my favorite bookmaker Pinnacle as well as the arbitrage software vendor RebelBetting.


Pinnacle is a low-margin high-odds bookmaker that will never limit you. They are a must-have bookie in the toolbox of every serious bettor. What made me approach Pinnacle for an affiliate deal is that unlike the majority of bookmakers on the market, Pinnacle stands out as one of the very few winners-welcome, sharp and customer-friendly bookmakers. Not only will they never limit you, but they also accept arbers (to my knowledge the only bookmaker to openly state that). Furthermore, they are dedicated to improving the overall betting knowledge on the market by posting some great educational articles on different betting topics. I have already quoted many of their articles in my blog.

You will not find any bonus offers or other marketing gimmick with them. The deal is plain and simple – you will never get limited and will get the lowest margins on the market from one of the most trusted names in the business. Check out the Top 100 Bookmakers ranking and what Pinnacle’s customers have to say about them. Pinnacle gets the highest quality score of all 100 bookmakers. There is a big crowd of people with nothing but positive experiences to share from their interaction with Pinnacle. Pinnacle is quite easily my favorite bookmaker and I am more than happy to promote their product to you. You can sign up now for the best bookmaker around if you have not already.


RebelBetting is a Swedish arbitrage software company. Since their launch in 2007 more than 95,000 customers have used their product. Their arbitrage software is essentially screening a large number of bookmakers and delivering you all the arbitrage opportunities found across them. You will find their product easy to use and will enjoy a lot of unique useful features. They cover a total of 69 bookmakers, which in fact translates to a much higher number if you add in all the clones.

RebelBetting are in the upper part of the pricing range, which is justified by offering a premium product. With RebelBetting you get more arbs from the same bookmakers, less expired arbs and faster odds delivery. What is more, you get the feature of being redirected from their site directly to the bet slip for the respective arbitrage. That saves you a great amount of time and allows you to land a much higher amount of arbs. All this is crucial when doing arbitrage betting and will give you better returns than any cheaper arbitrage product. The investment in RebelBetting is worth it and I can testify to that. Sign up and try for yourself.

What’s next

You will find Pinnacle’s and RebelBetting’s affiliate links and banners across the blog. If you sign up from those you would bring me a small commission. I would appreciate that as a thank you from you, the readers, for the content I am providing here. I highly trust and use myself the services and products of both companies, which I find absolutely necessary for me to promote them. If you have any questions about Pinnacle or RebelBetting, feel free to ask via an article comment or an email to

Hopefully you are off to a good start of 2017 and are setting up for a profitable sports betting year. I will do my best to help you in that: there will be a revision of some of the strategies that I have written about earlier in the blog and see how they are performing so far this season. I am also currently researching some new trends and hope to have found something new of value till then. So stay tuned for the upcoming articles and see you around!


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